About Our Preschool

Lakeridge Co-operative Preschool was formed in 1990 by a group of parents to provide a preschool setting in the Lakeridge area. Our primary focus is to provide a safe environment where our children can experience constructive and creative social interaction with others.

About Us

Lakeridge Co-operative Preschool In 1990 it was felt that the organization would best serve the needs of a preschool if it emphasized member participation in decision making with regard to policies and procedures, and in the practical day-to-day aspects of running a preschool. The co-operative approach seemed to be the vehicle which best suited those needs. In 2012 Lakeridge Preschool made the decision to no longer operate as a cooperative. The board and the parents were supportive and welcomed the change. Lakeridge Preschool continues to emphasize the benefit of parental involvement and member participation while recognizing that families are not always able to volunteer their time.

Parents have the option to volunteer during class time, while it is not required it is encouraged and welcomed.

Families are required to attend one cleaning night per year, provide homemade play-dough once per year and fill the board of directors.