Fun & Games!

Here are a few websites for you and your child. Many of these include not only online activities such as games, but craft ideas and coloring pages as well. If you know of any more great sites for preschool kids and would like to share them, please feel fee to contact the preschool and suggest he add them.

  • Kindergarten Recipes (Saskatchewan Education website) – Includes recipes for fingerpaint, play dough, clay etc, as well as food items such as bannock, gingerbread men, and pretzels.
  • Association for Library Service to¬†Children (ALSC) – American Library Association website for Librarians and educators. Features some excelent lists of website for both children and parents.
  • Kids’ CBC – A fun, interactive website for preschool children, including games, TV schedules and more.
  • Nick Jr – Your kids’ favorites are all here; Dora, Boots & Diego, Wonder Pets, the Backyardigans, and more! Games, crafts, recipes, printables and much more.